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Our story

Freeze Master London is an established company set up especially to manufacture pipe freezing machines. 
The machine was invented as a result of Mr. Hallett’s experiences during his years of employment as a  
refrigeration and domestic appliance engineer.  There were often times when he was not able to carry out his 
work because the plumbers involved had not been able to turn off the water supply.  
This can often occur in older blocks of apartments. 
On one such occasion teams of contractors were called in to an apartment in London to completely renovate  
the home for an American family and Mr. Hallett was asked to install the appliances, i.e. the washer, dryer,  
refrigerator, freezer, ice maker etc. – all American but nobody knew where the stopcock was in this almost  
Victorian apartment. 
Carpet fitters were called back and pipework tracked under floor boards.  It took several days to locate the stopcock. 
Then the plumbers reported that it would not shut off properly.You can imagine the frustration of the occupants 
– an army of men had been held up from their work by the failure to stop the water supply! 
Mr. Hallett discussed the dilemma that finding a means of blocking the water was essential and when the simplest 
solution of freezing the pipe was agreed decided to challenge the problem. 
Most modern plumbers are acquainted with the gas methods for freezing pipes, i.e. the use of CO2 or aerosol spray cans. 
  But there is always the risk when a plumber uses gas cans to freeze a pipe that they will run out of gas in the middle of a job.   
He has no way of knowing when his gas bottle is emptying if the job might take longer than anticipated, the risk involved can 
be nerve wracking. 
The ChloroFluoroCarbon range of gases, (R12, R22 and R502), that were used in aerosol spray cans at the time became toxic 
fumes when in contact with a naked flame (such as a plumber’s blow torch) and seriously poisonous. 
But instead of squirting gases onto pipes, which end up in the atmosphere, Mr. Hallett decided to develop an electric, motorized, 
portable refrigeration machine that would not waste the gas into the atmosphere and would freeze pipes for an indefinite period. 
Freeze Master machines offer a new safe technology to the plumber and have revolutionised the plumbing and heating industry. 
Contractors can now carry out repairs and alterations to entire water systems faster, more efficiently, and more profitable than  
using the old fashioned methods.  It is not unusual to find stop cocks in a poor corroded condition and therefore unusable. 
It is also not unusual to find in a large building whole floors, or even blocks of flats, operating from one main stop cock. 
A drain down could involve troublesome airlocks to occur several days after the refill. The plumber could spend several  
hours, unpaid, chasing them around. 
Using Freeze Master machines to make a temporary ice block in the pipes is the most professional approach to carry out 
work with minimum disruption to the system. 

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