Magnetic Scale Reducer 22mm

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Brass in-line magnetic scale reducer is used to protect the boiler against the damaging effects of scale. Easily connected onto 22 mm pipework and requires no further maintenance.

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  • Magnetic Scale Reducer:
    Our affordable anti-scale water treatment system that uses a non-chemical method rather than chemicals to stop the build-up of hard scale deposits. Reduces the risk of damaging scale deposits on your boiler’s heat exchanger and other key components.
  • Enhance Durability:
    Protecting your pipes, boilers, and hot water-using appliances from the destructive effects of hard scale can be accomplished by installing our Mag Scale Reducer on cold water lines.
  • Limescale Prevention:
    Helps to Reduce and prevent limescale build-up. Resulting in a better efficiency and longevity of the appliances that it’s being used on.
  • Simple Installation:
    The Mag Scale Reducer can be installed before each appliance you want to protect with relative ease and requires no further maintenance.
  • Energy Saving:
    By increasing the efficiency of your appliances, you will be saving energy and therefore lower your heating bills.
  • Magnetic Boiler Filters:
    We recommend using the Magnetic Scale Reducer with one of our Magnetic Boiler Filters to add a double layer of protection for your boilers and central heating system.

Additional information

Valve Material

HPB59-3 Brass

Max working pressure

10 bar

Magnet force

1200 gauss




WRAs Approved for connection to the UK Potable Water Supply

Boxed Content

1 x Magnetic Scale Reducer 22mm

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