Fortunately we now have Freeze Masters electric system that holds the freeze all day. But beware, copycat electric pipe freezers that fall outside the patented features of the Freeze Master have major internal differences. Things not evident on brochures; after all, one picture of a pipe freezer looks much like another.
Comparing the Freeze Master to other pipe freezers is analogous to comparing a calculator to a computer. Yes they both add up numbers, but only the computer can be left to carry out a full program of events unattended. Freeze Master machines with the Electronic Liquid Feed have the most advanced pipe freezing technology available. When you look at what fuel injection and electronic ignition has done for the motor car, there is no question of an improvement in performance and reliability.

The Freeze Master gives engineers that remove fittings or cut open water pipes the opportunity to break a lifetimes habit and to use pipe freezing everyday on virtually every job. Ever since the pipe has existed we have drained it to carry out work. Today using Freeze Master is so much better.

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POSTED BY admin | Apr, 04, 2016 |