How fast does it freeze?
2 x separate 15mm pipes in 6 Minutes. If you do other work while it is freezing it is no time at all.
– One ice plug is even faster.

How can it work with the freeze head attached to just the front of the pipe?
This unique freeze head design feature is Patented by Freeze Master. Each freeze head has
refrigerant chambers which run in line with the water pipe and are set at a wide angle.
Heat is extracted efficiently from around the pipe by attaching to the front only.

How long does it stay frozen?
All the while its plugged in. e.g. 9 am to 5 pm – You can remove a fitting, go to your stock,

match up the component or thread size, then go back and finish the job with NO DRAIN DOWN.

How quickly does it thaw out when the job is finished?
If necessary the ice plugs can be thawed in a few seconds. Only the outer skin of the
ice plug needs to be defrosted. This can be done with a little warmth (even by hand)
after removing the heads.

Why doesn’t it burst the pipe?
The ice plug is created at the freeze head and can then expand a little along the pipe
allowing unfrozen water in the pipe to remain unexpanded. This should not be
confused with a winter freeze up situation where all the water in the pipe has
frozen, then the expansion has to go outwards and the pipe can burst.

Do I need to refill the gas?
It’s a sealed system. No gas is expelled to atmosphere in normal use. The gas is
continually recycled and reused. It’s like buying an endless source of gas canisters.

What water pressure will it hold?
A pressure test held back 100 bar (1500 psi). There isn’t a water pressure that will
shift the ice plug.

Why don’t gas kits (CO2 or HFC) hold back high pressure water like machines can?
They do work on high water pressure. It is more likely that the outer skin of
the ice plug is thawing while the engineer is working. High water pressure
could then push the plug along the pipe away from the freeze area.
This will rapidly turn into a flood!

What if a pipe is touching the wall?
The new bungee clamps are attached to the rear of the freeze heads so they do
not get in the way. The heads can be frozen to the front of a pipe touching
wall. It’s all in the instructions.

Will it Freeze Flowing water.
Fully flowing water cannot be frozen. Preferably the water should be stationary,
However even this can start to thermo-cycle because of the wide temperature
difference between the pipe and freezing device. It is important to have a
powerful machine that can extract the heat from the thermo-cycle motio

How close to the ice plug can I solder?
Very close depending on method and expertise. A very well practiced professional
who does not over heat the pipe will be able to solder much closer than a DIY person.
(Anywhere from a few mm/inches to a few cm/feet).

What Is Inside The Hose?
Inside the hose is a special flexible polymer. The refrigerant is pumped to the
freeze head via Freeze Masters patented flexible tube. It will not break when
the hose is frozen. Non Freeze Master design machines fit copper
capillary inside the hose which could suffer metal fatigue when bent.

Will it freeze a large pipe and small pipe or a warm pipe and cold pipe?
Freeze Master Patented their Electronic Refrigerant Delivery system.
Control of the gas supply is essential to achieve optimum freeze at
both freeze heads regardless of work.


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